The Value of an education.

I got a High School Diploma from East Anchorage High, but I learned as much or more working delivering the Anchorage Daily News, Flipping Burgers at Grizzly Burger (the actual name of a fast-food restaurant in Anchorage AK in the 70’s,) and working washing and bussing dishes at F.W. Woolworths in downtown Anchorage.

I got a BA in Social Science and Secondary Education from Midland Lutheran College, but I learned more working on the Maintenance and Grounds Crew at the school.

I got a MDiv from Luther-Northwestern Seminary, but I learned more working on the Maintenance and Grounds Crew there. Internship was a blessing, and about the only thing useful in my first parish from seminary,

In my first parish, I had a wealth of experience outside of the classroom and books to draw upon to help me relate scripture to ordinary lives of everyone from high school to college and grad school graduates.

Classrooms are OK and I love books, but they are a poor substitute for living and working!

Hundred, thousand, and million dollar words are useless if they are not understood or comprehended!

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