My Walk

My relationship with Jesus Christ began at conception. The fourth child of John and Lorene Baglien; My father a Lutheran Pastor for 7 years when I was born!

I have 3 brothers two older one younger, and two sisters, one older one younger.

From the womb I heard the singing of sacred hymns and my father’s and mother’s voices

From birth I have heard God’s word, even if unable to comprehend it, I experienced it in Christian love and care and nurturing until I could understand it for myself.

Since I could read I have read the Bible through many times, having yet to reach Martin Luther’s twice yearly.

My decision to follow in my father’s footsteps began at age 15 one year after I was confirmed in the faith.

I have had the privilege, of knowing my father’s pastor when my father was 15 years old, Werner Jessen, who offered the sage advice, “Alan, don’t become a pastor unless God will not let you do anything else!”

I had many opportunities to pursue other vocations, but so far, “The Hound of Heaven,” has not permitted me to!

I attended High school at East Anchorage High graduating in 1974. I received a BA in Social Science and Secondary Education from Midland Lutheran College in 1978. It was at Midland I met and married my wife Charlene Benner. I attended Seminary at Luther-Northwestern receiving a MDiv in 1984. I was ordained and installed at Stella Lutheran Chapel Jun 17th, 1984. I was commissioned as an Army Chaplain after graduating Chaplain Officer Basic at Fort Monmouth, NJ. I served on Active Duty from 1986 until 1993 and in the Reserves until 1999.

I never had the opportunity to convert or to give my life to Christ; as my life has been his before I was born. I publically acknowledged it before the congregation in 1969 when confirmed, again in 1984 when ordained, and on many occasions publically and privately in between!

I am Father to 3 children a son and two daughters and grandfather of three boys

God has chastened me with what I term “2×4 attitude adjustments,” to get my attention, and turn to him! So conversion is not invalid to me!

I desire to continue my walk doing something I’ve done plenty of in my 32 years since being ordained!

Muttered Musings is a chance to reflect with those rural Montana pastors who are bereaved, dying, or just caught up in the complexities of life.

The name The Gospel of Barney was inspired by the fact we have in America gone from knowing and preaching nothing, but “Jesus Christ and him crucified,”- (1 Cor. 2:2-NIV) . To knowing and preaching, “I love you, you love me, we’re one great big happy family!” – or Jesus is a big stuffed purple, yellow and green dinosaur! No repentance required for forgiveness!

Alan L. Baglien, Servant of Christ

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