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  • My Walk

    My relationship with Jesus Christ began at conception. The fourth child of John and Lorene Baglien; My father a Lutheran Pastor for 7 years when I was born! I have 3 brothers two older one younger, and two sisters, one older one younger. From the womb I heard the singing of sacred hymns and my […]

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  • The Gospel of Barney

    The Gospel of Barney

    It used to be my blog, but I gave it up for quite some time. The Gospel of Barney: In our Neo‐pagan, Hedonistic Narcissistic Society If you are easily offended do not read this! What the ELCA is today is totally foreign to what I was ordained and called to at Stella Lutheran Chapel on […]

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  • “Descended to Hell”

    “Descended to Hell”

    “DESCENDED TO HELL” It is optional now in the Apostles Creed. It is necessary in my book! Having been there myself on more than one occasion I took great comfort in the fact Jesus had beaten me there, beaten the Devil, and saved me from ever fearing an eternal residency in hell! In reality it […]

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  • The Value of an education.

    The Value of an education.

    I got a High School Diploma from East Anchorage High, but I learned as much or more working delivering the Anchorage Daily News, Flipping Burgers at Grizzly Burger (the actual name of a fast-food restaurant in Anchorage AK in the 70’s,) and working washing and bussing dishes at F.W. Woolworths in downtown Anchorage. I got […]

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