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  • Muttered Musings

    “There was an owl liv’d in an oakThe more he heard, the less he spokeThe less he spoke, the more he heard.O, if men were all like that wise bird.” “Preach the Gospel Always, and if Necessary, use Words” – St. Francis of Assissi

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    It is optional now in the Apostles Creed. It is necessary in my book! Having been there myself on more than one occasion I took great comfort in the fact Jesus had beaten me there, beaten the Devil, and saved me from ever fearing an eternal residency in hell! In reality it is a Good […]

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  • In the beginning

    “In the beginning God”- (Genesis1:1/NIV) Truthfully in any and all beginnings God; in the middle of God, and in all endings God too. There is no time or place God is not! Yahweh God is much more than “I am”. Some find Ash Wednesday morbid, with the declaration, “From dust you have come, to dust […]

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  • Presentism


    “Presentism – that historical sin of applying present-day virtues upon the past. – Merriam- Webster” I was disappointed watching the History Channel’s “Theodore Roosevelt” He was being judged for not advancing the civil rights of African Americans and Native Americans! Liberal logic tries to rewrite history. Regardless of what actually factually happened. They edit Dr. […]

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